About Us

Nest Homewares & Gifts is a family run business located in the western suburbs of Brisbane. Originally established in 2003, it has become the place to go for all your homewares & gift needs when you are looking for that 'something special'.

Our homewares collection captures the essence of casual elegance for your home. Whether it be classic French styling, Hamptons chic or Relaxed Farmhouse style, Nest Homewares & Gifts can provide stylish items for all rooms of your house to turn it from not just a house, but to the home you have always wanted.

The dedicated team at Nest Homewares & Gifts are also waiting to assist you in finding perfect gifts for the people you love as well as special treats for yourself! Our offerings are carefully thought out to suit every budget. You will find the most affordable earrings, scarves, purses, cushions and tableware, to the most luxurious cashmere and silk apparel.

No matter what the price tag, everything you purchase can be beautifully gift wrapped to ensure that you or the person receiving your gift feels incredibly special. 

Hopefully we can inspire you to create a home that is timeless and classic, and truly reflects a style you love. By surrounding yourself with beautiful pieces, we are sure you will have a home you are truly proud of.

All items are personally selected by our team, and are always items that we would be proud to display in our home, or give as gifts to family and friends.